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Big Bad Fox and Other Tales

Big Bad Fox and Other Tales

Tuesday 14 Aug 2018, 14:00

Nothing is quite as expected down on the farm in this wacky, warm and wise animated adaptation of co-director Benjamin Renner's original comic book about a group of misfit farmyard animals.

Meet the fox that thinks it's a chicken, a pig that acts like a stork, and a duck who wants to replace Santa Claus. The fox is more kind and nurturing than cunning, the duck has no idea how to actually swim, a stork is far too lazy to fulfil its traditional role of baby delivering and there's the lizard who appears from nowhere and starts speaking Mandarin...

The snappy dialogue is delivered to perfection by a starry cast of voices - Bill Bailey as Duck, Adrian Edmondson as Rabbit, Matthew Goode as Wolf, Celia Imrie as Chicken – and the lovingly crafted, hand-drawn animation is beauty to behold in this this laugh-out-loud delight.

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