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Tomcat + Director Q&A

Tomcat + Director Q&A

Friday 17 Nov 2017, 21:00

Andreas and Stefan are a well-off gay couple who lead an idyllic life in the Viennese suburbs with their tomcat Moses. They work for the same orchestra, enjoy an active sex life and often entertain their large circle of friends until their peaceful, quaint existence is disrupted by a dramatic event that calls everything into question.

Händl Klaus’ Teddy Award-winning sophomore feature combines gorgeous cinematography and masterful performances from its main cast with Haneke-esque suspense to bring to light the vulnerability of relationships and the violence lurking under the thin veneer of every day life while at the same time managing to portray an authentic and delicate love between two men that is very rarely seen on screen.

Folllowed by a Q&A with Händl Klaus

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