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Crime Wave

Crime Wave

Thursday 28 Sep 2017, 20:45

Imagine if Steve Buscemi’s character from Ghost World made a movie, with levels of deadpan that make Jim Jarmusch look like Baz Luhrmann… but with a lurid perversion in every lovingly Bolexed frame that would make Baz blush. This is Crime Wave, John Paizs's one-of-a-kind ultra-indie black comedy, and it's coming to London for one night only as part of Scalarama.

Lost in distributor limbo virtually since its inception, this is the film Canadian cinephiles talk about in hushed tones round the bonfire. The object of numerous off-grid screenings and bootlegs, it now finally has a glorious 2K restoration, thanks to the Toronto International Film Festival – and, thanks to Matchbox Cineclub, Crime Wave is having a UK tour.

Presented by She Shark Industries and zeroFunction Productions as part of Scalarama.

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