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Fringe: March For Dignity

Fringe: March For Dignity

Thursday 12 Nov 2020, 18:45

Follow a group of LGBTQI+ activists in Tbilisi, Georgia while they organise the country’s 1st Pride March. This brave group face the harsh opposition of the powerful Georgian Orthodox Church, the extreme far-right movement and the government, which has lead to a large number of attacks on the queer community.

The film portrays the current situation in Georgia, interviewing members of the Pride committee as well as their detractors. The country faces a historic moment where Georgians need to choose who they want to follow and where they want to be: with a Russia actively legislating against queer people or with the wider world fighting for progress and human rights.

The Tbilisi Pride organisers are not only fighting for their right to protest in the city but also to make themselves visible in their country and region, as they know that public opinion is the beginning of change.

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