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Fringe!: M/M

Fringe!: M/M

Thursday 15 Nov 2018, 18:45

Dir. Drew Lint | Germany | 2017 | 82’

Matthew, a Canadian renegade moves to Berlin and becomes curiously obsessed with an attractive local called Mathias. In a tentative series of twists and turns he becomes fixated on Mathias and begins to adopt the stranger’s mannerisms, appearance and lifestyle in this sexy Berlin-based explicitly queer twist on The Talented Mr. Ripley. An erotic thriller set in the beating techno heart of Europe.

please note: contains scenes of violence

UK distributor TLA Releasing

Screens with
Just Past Noon on a Tuesday | dir. Travis Matthews | Brazil / USA | 22’
Two strangers visit the house of a shared lover after his death. Whilst there they uncover truths about themselves and each other.

Film courtesy of The Open Reel

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