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#EEFF2018: Best UK Shorts + intro (15)

#EEFF2018: Best UK Shorts + intro

The boldest new voices in cinema in competition for East End Film Festival’s coveted Best UK Short Film Award.

UK | Barnaby Blackburn | 20 min
An 18 year old youth offender is trying to start his own business as a mobile mechanic. But enterprise isn't so easy when you're a young, black male with a criminal past.

Some Sweet Oblivious Antidote
UK | Christiana Ebohon Green | 15 min
When 13 year old Ivie starts speaking in Shakespearean verse her friends find it weird and her mother is outraged.

UK | Paris Zarcilla | 20 min
When their Coach begins to recognise potential in Noah, Isaac, his older brother and a gifted gymnast, begins to develop deep feelings of jealousy and resentment.

Emkhatsini (Between)
UK, Swaziland | Toa Stappard | 14 min
A woman finds herself, lost in the deserted Swazi outback when she tries to locate an elusive community leader.

UK | Natasja Fourie | 15 min
A London-based worker becomes increasingly isolated and falls into a psychological tailspin as he struggles to make a connection with the world at large.

Master of Ceremonies
UK | Toby Wharton | 10 min
The internal workings of a young man's mind reveals how his false sense of identity rapidly disintegrates until he is forced to confront his own isolation.

Angels Of Our Past
UK | Max Law | 17 min
Skip and his 11 years-old son Adam’s solitary life in hiding is threatened by a visitor from their past. What follows forces Adam to make a choice, one that will shape his life forever.

UK | Jonny Ruff | 10 min
Sam and Alex are a couple on their holidays in Italy. En route to the airport to return home, they suffer a flat tyre and are forced to pull over.

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#EEFF2018: Industrial Accident: The Story of Wax Trax! Records (15)

#EEFF2018: Industrial Accident: The Story of Wax Trax! Records

Wax Trax! Films presents “Industrial Accident: The Story of Wax Trax! Records”, the untold story behind the independent record store and label. Tracing the bizarre journey of two music-obsessed men from the bible belt to Chicago, this film travels through the underground culture of music and art as these two men expose emerging music and artists to fans from around the world for the first time.

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#EEFF2018: Women of Wonders (15)

#EEFF2018: Women of Wonders

An evening of short films and a panel discussion to illustrate the power of women on screen – from gender reversal to interplanetary future.

Focusing on the comparison between early cinema and contemporary Utopian sci-fi feminist films, this event will look at how feminist science fiction has asked how much of what we think about the role of men and women is just invented. The alternative narratives presented in the programme challenge the stereotypes and ask one main question: could we invent it differently? And what will the woman of tomorrow be like? Future visions and Utopian ideas will be discussed with four leading voices in the fields of film criticism, writing and filmmaking - who will show us the way to Utopia.


Les Résultats du féminisme (The Consequences of Feminism)
Dir: Alice Guy-Blaché
France, 1906, 7 min

Gags and Gals: Male Order
USA, 1941, 3 min

  Ottica Zero
Dir: Maja Borg
  Sweden/UK, 2007, 13 min

  Dir: Frances Bodomo
USA, 2014, 14 min

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120 Beats Per Minute (15)

120 Beats Per Minute

The lives of AIDS activists in early 90s Paris are reimagined in bold and vivid detail in 120 BPM, a stunning and heart-wrenching drama from the writer of Palme d’Or winner The Class, Robin Campillo. Winner of the Grand Prix at Cannes 2017 and a host of international awards, this is an essential work of cinema with a profoundly moving and delicately crafted love story at its heart.

As the AIDS epidemic tears through their community, the members of ACT UP Paris are fighting for survival. While they battle against governmental apathy, pharmaceutical greed and public ignorance, they also go out partying, debate politics and, occasionally, fall in love. One day, as outspoken radical Sean (Nahuel Pérez Biscayart) strikes up a conversation with shy newcomer Nathan (Arnaud Valois), they have no idea that their lives are about to change forever.

Based on the director’s own experiences, this vibrant and deeply emotional drama rushes with youthful energy, balancing powerful themes of social justice with euphoric moments of spine-tingling sensuality. Urgent and affecting, it’s a film about life, death, love, tragedy – and, above all, the will to survive.

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A Quiet Place (15)

A Quiet Place

Emily Blunt stars in this modern horror-thriller, in which a family of four must navigate their lives in silence after mysterious creatures that hunt by sound threaten their survival.

A Quiet Place artfully plays on elemental fears with a ruthlessly intelligent creature feature that's as original as it is scary - and establishes director John Krasinski as a rising talent.

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Beast (15)


Michael Pearce’s hugely impressive debut is an unsettling thriller that holds you in suspense until its final moments.

Moll (Jessie Buckley) is 27 and still living at home, stifled by the small island community around her and too beholden to her family to break away. When she meets Pascal (Johnny Flynn), a free-spirited stranger, a whole new world opens up to her and she begins to feel alive for the first time, falling madly in love.

Finally breaking free from her family, Moll moves in with Pascal to start a new life. But when he is arrested as the key suspect in a series of brutal murders, she is left isolated and afraid.

Choosing to stand with him against the suspicions of the community, Moll finds herself forced to make choices that will impact her life forever.

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Cigarette Burns presents: A Thousand & One Nights (15)

Cigarette Burns presents: A Thousand & One Nights

Animerama (?????) is a series of thematically-related adult anime feature films originally conceived and initiated by Osamu Tezuka and made at his Mushi Production animation studio from the late 1960s to early 1970s, perhaps intended as animated counterparts to the then-emergent pink films.

As well as the erotic themes, they are also defined by mixing more typical traditional animation with sequences of UPA and Yoji Kuri–influenced experimental use of modern design, limited animation, and still paintings akin to Tezuka’s experimental short films and like those largely were all directed, sometimes sharing the billing with Tezuka, by Eiichi Yamamoto. The first, A Thousand & One Nights, was the first erotic animated feature film and, at 130 minutes, remains one of the longest ever animated films.

1001 Nights was made as an attempt to ensure worldwide acceptance of a major animated work. A total of 60,000 staff was hired and 70,000 motion pictures used to make this film. The main character looked like the French actor, Jean Paul Belmond, and most of the music was rock music, destined to attract attention in the world market.

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Concealed (TBC)


Winner of 8 international Film Awards, including Best Picture at the Liverpool International Film Festival and Best Cinematography at the Orlando International Film Festival, Concealed is a thriller like no other. It's set in the underbelly of Sydney’s inner city suburbs where Max (Simon Lyndon) and his mate Richard (Paul Tassone) are desperately trying to find Sallie, Max’s partner who's disappeared. Their search takes them deep into the criminal heartland of the city and even deeper inside the secrets and lies of family.

Make sure you don’t miss this Festival Favourite if you love Australian thrillers like Animal Kingdom and Chopper.

Performance notes:
Fri 1st - Premiere + afterparty
Wed 6th - Q&A with Director Shane Hall

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Ghost Stories (15)

Ghost Stories

A runaway hit on the London stage, Jeremy Dyson and Andy Nyman recreate their Olivier nominated stage production for the screen, replete with it's unerring sense of dread.

Experience three spine-tingling tales of terror to haunt your dreams. A debunker of all things paranormal, Professor Phillip Goodman (Andy Nyman) has devoted his life to exposing phony psychics and fraudulent supernatural shenanigans on his own television show. His skepticism is put to the test, however, when he receives a file of three chilling, inexplicable cases: a night watchman (Paul Whitehouse) haunted by disturbing visions as he patrols an abandoned asylum; an edgy young man (Alex Lawther) involved in a hellish car accident deep in the woods; and a wealthy former banker (Martin Freeman) visited by the poltergeist spirit of his unborn child. Even scarier: each of the these macabre stories seems to have a sinister connection to Professor Goodman’s own life. Will they make a believer of him yet?

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Skid Row Marathon (PG)

Skid Row Marathon

Skid Row Marathon is the uplifting and inspiring story of an unlikely group of individuals from LA's Skid Row, who receive a second chance at life, all brought on by a simple act of kindness.

Follow the story of High Court Judge, Craig Mitchell as he coaches a long-distance running club from the Midnight Mission on Skid Row. Using the redemptive power of running and the camaraderie of the group, marathon training raises the spirits of Skid Row's inhabitants and gives a sense of purpose to a group of people who are homeless, addicted or coming out of the prison system.

"One horrendous act does not define a person in his entirety" and so the film highlights the transformation of homeless and often helpless individuals in to sober, rounded and functioning members of society.

This feature will be preceded by an exclusive 10 min film exploring the transformative powers of running. Including Interviews with The Running Charity, Olympic Gold medalist Jo Pavey, BBC’s Vassos and Sophie Raworth, CEO of parkrun, and best selling Author & columnist Bryony Gordon. They discuss what running means to them and how it has helped them throughout their lives, providing inspiration and context to the main film.

Each attendee will have access to a digital goodie bag which will include exclusive competitions and discounts.

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